As an outgrowth of other marketing efforts, Harrison Creative has been effective at creating and managing various customer support infrastructure.

The most extensive example of this is our current work with Bkool SL. This Spanish company has contracted with Harrison Creative to serve as U.S. brand manager,  managing warranty services (warehousing, repair, shipping, customer relations, etc.), as well as helping with pre- and post-sale marketing and outreach, events, partnerships, and customer order management/logistics coordination.

We are in the process of opening a U.S. warranty service center for Bkool in Lyndonville, Vermont, where warrantied Bkool trainers and exercise bikes will be refurbished, repaired, and re-sold online.

Additionally, Harrison Creative provides secondary online and telephone tech support for Bkool's U.S. customers, as well as communicating with the press, beta testing and creating online video tutorials for Bkool users worldwide.

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